2014-07-27 10.38.34I began to realise that I dislike fear fixed plans and predictability.

As such, when I travel, I just like to go with a rough guide, with the simple knowledge that there will a shelter above my head for that night. For the rest, I leave it to serendipity (yes, I’m such a romanticist). I wander about, with hopes that I may meet a local who would shower me with warm hospitality, or another traveller who would have a drink and trade travel stories with me, or discover a hidden backstreet that will give me a glimpse of the locals’ lives…

And so I started getting lost. And this was before the era of GPS and WIFI-on-the-go. I’d have a hand drawn map, or some verbal directions from a helpful local. And I’d go wherever my senses led me – to the interesting sights, sounds and smell.

And so I painstakingly record my journeys here, so that I may share it with my friends, and in the future, with my children, but more importantly, so that I can remember the great sense of wonder in getting lost, in discovering the lovely surprises in serendipity.


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